Story Topic.—I am quite all right after being lost for a night.

1. I meet Lauren and make a date with her.
In front of the ENSR, on Wednesday.
As I am taking my money from my camp to my account.

2. I set out Thursday evening in a canoe for Lauren's camp.
It is two miles away directly across the lake.
From there we are to use her car to drive to town for a movie.

3. I am taken off course by a bonfire.
I think it is directly in front of Camp Léman.
It is either to the east or to the west of Camp Léman.
It is deserted.

4. Lost now, I paddle in one direction for a while.
There is nothing by which to take a bearing.

5. I enter an inlet.
The night is so dark that I cannot see anything but the shore that I am keeping on
my right.
As a result, I enter inlet after inlet, without knowing that I am doing so.

6. I discover that I am hopelessly lost.

7. I decide to tie up for the night.
The night is long, but I have a Walkman; the night is cold but I have a jacket.

8. At dawn, I find my way to Lauren's camp.
She has aroused both camps.
A search for me is on.

9. There are no bad after-effects to the misadventure.