The Seventh Graders Learn Haiku

These haikus were written by the 7th graders of '01-'02. Hope springs eternal.

A rose stood erect

In the forest near a stump.

How did it get there?

Frans S.

My cat's lying there

With nothing better to do.

How I envy him.

Frans S.

A blue and grey kite

Made out of fine young branches

Glides and hides the sun.

Simon V.

The huge grey eagle

Catches a fat juicy prey

And then returns home.

Simon V.

The trees are waiting.

Summer is late in coming.

This is always sad.

Askar A.

A baby tiger

Runs in jungles to catch prey.

He doesn't eat peaches.

Stéphane A.

In the high green tree

A brown squirrel was sleeping -

Waiting for a friend.

Charlotte B.

Time flows through our lives

As wind blows through old temples.

No man can stop it.

Roxanne T.

Though wind blows with force,

The mountain will not move.

Leaves will fly away.

Roxanne T.

Seventh graders: Frail

Blooms of innocence. Beware!

Eighth-grade gales threaten.



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