Poèmes et Pensées

Memories of old black and white photos

Doesn't she look lovely with her tiny fingers
on those old black and white photos
A little rascal she's going to be, with this
malicious little smile
She's already impressed with everything,
that promises...

It's with a smile on her face that she's
pulling this huge wheelbarrow behind her back
Already at that age
Oh! Look! She has grown.


When you die,
Perhaps you will go into the sky.
Perhaps you will be in a dream
And you will never wake up.
Perhaps you will stay in your tomb and will dry.

Now you are not dead, so don't think about it.
You will know what will happen,
When you die.

Timmy's Photo

Timmy my brother,
I miss you a lot.
You are in the States.
I miss your silly remarks,
Your protecting me,
Your smile,
Your voice.
I am waiting for you at Christmas.

The Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge
Has been there, in the bay, for about...
I don't know for how long.
But it's very big
And it helps many people.

It is a human marvel
Because it measures 1 km and a bit...

It's like me...


Plume, pretty and playful, is
Not an ordinary cat.
She plays like a dog; she goes
To school with me...

Plume doesn't like winter
Because she's not very hairy.
But in Summer she's so
Happy she runs everywhere!

But even in winter,
She plays, but inside.
She breaks everything.
She's excited.

Nobody is like her,
But I wish she were
A human being because
She is perfect.


There is no way to happiness
Happiness is the way.
With this sentence Bouddha explains
We can all be happy.

A man who lives under a bridge can be happy
Like a man who has a house and money.
I want to explain, with this story, that we all have
in our heart a type of happiness.
And I hope that nobody, one day, will be happyless.

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