(Nature) Poems

Green leaves are changing
I'm sure that fall is coming
Leaves will start falling
The wind is blowing
The wind is also howling
The night is coming


The tree of the sun
Coloured like the sunny spring
Sings before the moon
The small cherry tree
Looks at me just as the moon
Wonders at the sun



The wet snake went sliding
Through the bed
To eat the mouse's head.
The mouse was washing his leg
While the snake was staring at his head.
With a flash, the snake went springing
On the mouse and ripped off his head!



The trees are moving
The wind is blowing on them
Spring time is coming



The Coming of Winter

Autumn falls and winter comes
Snow covers the ground
The skyline is masked in white
Till all of it melts away.

Sun stays a few days
But then the cycle restarts.


The Sun

The ball of fire glows all day.
It stays to give light
Till night comes and the sun sets.
We see the sun rise.
It heats the world with its beams.
The morning is full of warmth.

Diane and Marie


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