It's now exactly one year ago, when I had the weirdest Halloween in my life. I will tell you the whole story.

My mother came in my room telling me that I have to get up very quickly, because she had overslept. The only thing I thought, was darn, Jordan will come to pick me up! I ran into the bathroom, took a quick shower and jumped down the steps for breakfast. My small sister was already in the kitchen and asked: "Angela, what will you wear today? It's Halloween!" "l know it's Halloween, but I'm not feeling like wearing a costume!" I answered very roughly. "Oh, you are nervous, because your new boyfriend will pick you up!" was Daniela laughing. I didn't say a word, but she was right I was really nervous. In the same moment Daniela stopped laughing. I could hear the horn of Jordan's car. My mother gave me the paper bag for lunch and then I ran out of the house.

Jordan was sitting in his car and @was smiling at me. Always when I saw him before, my heart began to run, but in this moment I felt only good to be so near to him. I gave him a kiss and we drove to school.

The first thing I saw, when I was on my locker, was Rayenne and Ricki (these are my best friends) who ran towards me. Rayenne, she's really an extraordinary girl, looked like a vampire and Ricki, he's the best male friend, looked like Dracula. Rayenne screamed: "But Angelika, why aren't you wearing a costume?" I answered: "Please Rayenne, don't call me Angelika and to come back to your question, I overslept and so I couldn't find a good costume!" Rayenne laughed and said: "Don't worry, my sweetheart. I have exactly the right costume for you!"

I looked like a girl of the 50's, when I came out of the girls restroom. Rayenne was playing with her artificial teeth and after very long thinking she said: "Do you know, what we will do this evening'? We will go to the gymnasium, where once on Halloween this boy Ray Tyler fell off the roof and died. We can write on the floor in black letters "Ray Tyler was here". I'm sure, that after everybody will be scared!" I found this idea a little bit uncanny, but she told it also to Ricki and Jordan and after all with two boys it would be funny. The only problem was that Jordan couldn't come because his band was playing in a bar.

After school I went home, to tell everything to my mother and that I will sleep at Rayenne's place. My mother agreed, and if I would have trouble I could come home, She also agreed because she went with my father to a Halloween Party and Daniela slept in a friends house.

When I was in front of the school where we had our meeting, I recognized, that my knees started to tremble. I was really happy when Ricki and Rayenne came. Ricki asked me with a naughty smile: "Are you ready for the night of the nights!" I only nodded my head. There is only one way, to go to the gymnasium and that's through the school. The only problem was, that not one door was open and all the windows were closed except the cellar-window. So we climbed into the cellar, where Rayenne and Ricki searched for something to light on. It was really weird, but I could hear music. I followed the music until I stood in the corridor and so I didn't recognize that Rayenne and Ricki were still in the cellar. But the biggest problem was, that I closed the cellar-door and you could open it only from one side. I went slowly like a feather into a room, where I saw people who were dancing and they looked like people of the 50's. When I went back into the corridor I saw a young man who looked in my direction. He had a rose in his hand, and I was sure he wanted to give it to a girl. Some other boys came and called: "Hey Ray Tyler come on, we go to the gymnasium and write something on the wall!" Ray looked once more in my direction and then he walked away. I screamed his name and said that he should stay here and that he will die, but he couldn't hear me. The only thing I saw was the rose, which he lost on the floor. One second after the music stopped abruptly and all the people were gone. I called the two vampires, but they didn't give me an answer, so I thought they were gone,. I took the rose and went home. I had luck, because an other window was open.

The next morning was really funny, because I saw two people who came towards me when I went out of the girls restroom. One person who looked a little bit like Rayenne shouted at me: "What did you think last night when you left school without us? We were the whole night in this cellar and couldn't sleep because everywhere were these disgusting cockroaches." I couldn't stop laughing because they both looked so crazy, but a few minutes later when we sat in class I stopped laughing, because I found the rose in one of my books!  



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