Analoid the simple chair



My name is Analoid and I am a simple chair in an enormous high school. All the chairs in that high school are completely silent and the silence will remain. I am the only one that knows how to talk. I am Analoid, a simple chair; and this is my story.


Loneliness is my main problem, and to fight it I have made a good friend. His name is Charlie. He is a student in the class I am in and I help him do his homework. We talk a lot, but he doesn't understand how I know all those things he doesn't.

I remember the first time we met. He had got locked up in the classroom because he had been sleeping and everybody had left. When he woke up he was really scared and lost. I decided to talk to him and he was so surprised he almost passed out. I spoke for hours, explaining to him that I had been "born" with the ability to speak and had been rejected by everybody. He recognized himself in me and from that day on we have been best friends.

Charlie is a good student who stands out from the others. This is probably why I picked him. He really has a good inside but nobody really understands or takes the time to see. He is what society would call a "looser". I believe he isn't, and I told him so; but that doesn't help him much since I am Analoid, a simple chair. He is now in the 11th grade - a grade where you are supposed to have a lot of fun and many friends. Charlie unfortunately doesn't. In fact, he fights a lot and struggles to find relationships.


One evening Charlie got into a really big argument about five dollars he owed to another student. The other student wanted it right then and started fighting him. Then the accident happened and Charlie died in the middle of the street. Charlie got killed for no reasons, by accident, by society. I heard a girl saying that "He was the reject." "He got what he deserved," another girl said.


Ever since, I have not spoken a single word. I've tried. I tried and tried!

Nothing. Silence.

I've asked myself why, but the silence remains.





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