The Rabbit and the Fox



Once there was a little rabbit who lived with his family. He loved his ten brothers and sisters, his mum, dad and his nice old granddad.

This little rabbit also loved carrots so much that he had once eaten a whole field full. He was feeling sad at the moment because it wasn't carrot season yet and he was wishing it was. All there was at the moment were cabbages and lettuce, and he didn't like that much.

One day, when he was going to see if the carrots had grown, a fox came towards him. The little rabbit got so scared he couldn't move. "Hello," the fox said in a very grumpy voice.

"H-H-Hello,"the little rabbit said.

"What are you doing here, little child," the fox continued, "out here all alone with no adult around? You could get lost, you silly little rabbit. Well, you are lucky because today I've already eaten, so all I can do to you is hurt you."

"Please don't, Mrs. Fox, ma'm. All I'm doing is going to the c-c-carrot field to check the carrots," the rabbit said. "Please let me past ma'm"

"So you want to get past me to check the carrots," the fox said slyly. "Well, my dear, I'm sorry to say but the carrots wont come for another month and I don't think that you want to wait that long. Do you?" she said.

"N-n-no. I don't think so. Why?" the rabbit said. Even though he sounded confident his hind legs were quivering with fear.

"Well dear," she said, "I have some delicious carrots if you want some. Just bring any of your brothers and sisters and I shall give you 5 carrots for 1 rabbit."

"Really!!," he said. "All I have to do is bring one of my sisters and I can get 5 carrots! Wow! Where can I meet you tomorrow?"

"Hmm. What about by the river around midday?"

"O.K. See you there." And off he bounced home.


So the next day he bought all of his brothers and sisters down to the river where the fox was drinking some water. The fox came over and was so nice that the little rabbits weren't at all afraid of her. "Hello little ones," she said. "Just come this way and you will have all your carrots."

So all the 10 brothers and sisters went into the weeds and the little rabbit stayed behind, waiting and waiting. It took such a long time that he thought that she had played a trick on him, so he went inside the weeds and started calling out for his brothers and for his sisters. But he didn't hear anything not even a whimper.

Then he heard something to the right of him and he looked through and saw the fox sitting all by herself next to a pile of bones.

"Um Mrs. Where are my brothers and sisters?"

She turned around with a big smile on her face, and then he saw a bit of blood dribbling down her chin.

"No! No! No, you can't have. No, no it's not true, it can't be. Oh what have I done!" he cried and started crying so much that it was as if a lake were pouring out of his eyes.

"Why did you do that?" he asked, as she wiped her chin.

"Well, it was the deal wasn't it? I give you carrots and you give me rabbits. Your carrots are there. All 50 of them." She looked at him. "Well, aren't you happy ? I didn't lie or blackmail you, did I?"

"Well I didn't think you were going to kill them. And no I won't take these carrots. My brothers and sisters are worth much more than that!" he said, with tears pouring down his cheeks again.

"Well, suit yourself and go before I eat you, too," she said, grinning. And the little rabbit ran all the way home crying his eyes out.

When he got home he felt so bad about what he had done. He just wrote a quick note asking for forgiveness and ran away and he never went home again .


The moral of this story: Never put yourself before your family or friends. Always think about them first.



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