The Wolf and the Swallow

by Nils


One day, a wolf was going to a river. A swallow came to him and said: "Oh my dear wolf, how beautiful your fur is! Your style is splendid, sir!"

The wolf, very flattered by the swallow's compliments, said: "Well, thank you, Sir swallow... I am very flattered! Would you like to drink a little bit of water? Just come onto my nose, and I'll take you down to the river!"

The swallow went onto his nose and the wolf swallowed the poor swallow.


The Point: Never sit on a wolf's nose.


The Dinosaur and the Bee

by Christophe


"Hello," said the dinosaur.

"Hello," said the bee.

"You are very little," said the dinosaur to the bee.

"I'm sure that if I do some body-building I can get bigger than you," said the bee.

The bee looked for a body-building gym. She did so much body-building that she died because she was too big.


The Point: It's better to accept yourself than want to be like others.


Max and David

by Nastasja


Today is the first day of school for Max and David! They have to be at school at 10 o'clock. They decide to leave at 9:55 because they live near the school. They are playing when Max sees it is 9:58! In two minutes they have to be at school!!!

"Quick!" says David, "We have to run!"

But it is too late; they are late for school.


The Point: It's better to leave on time than to run.


The Shark and the Mouse

by Nicolas


The shark was talking with the mouse.

"Hello, Mrs Mouse."

"Hello, Mr. Shark."

"Can I eat you?"

"Sure you can eat me. What? What did I say? AAAAH"

And the shark ate the mouse, but he was still hungry. So he ate a second mouse, and a third.


The Point: When you are hungry, it's better to eat three mice than one.


The Doe and the Ostrich

by Yann


Once upon a time there was a sad ostrich.

She thought that she was ugly with

All those feathers and her neck and her beak.

She thought: The doe is so beautiful with her fur!

It's not fair; she has everything!

But the doe was naughty with the ostrich.

She laughed at the ostrich.

But one day, the ostrich realised that the doe

Always walked alone and that she had no friends.

The ostrich's home was always full of people coming to visit her

Because she was nice and helped everybody.


The Point:

You shouldn't judge people on their looks.

The only way to look at others is with your heart.


The Squirrel and the Fox

by Yasmin


One day in a forest a squirrel was jumping and running in the trees to get to the top of them and saying: "I am the best. I can jump so far. I can also do a loop. This is too easy."

Other animals who passed by said: "Be careful; it's very dangerous, because those trees are very high and if you fall, you will die."

The squirrel didn't listen to them and he said: "I am the best, so why would I fall?"

One day a fox saw the squirrel and he was very hungry. The fox said: "I will eat you in one bite."

The squirrel was not scared. He jumped onto a tree and he sat there. The fox wanted to catch him but he couldn't.

The squirrel then jumped onto a very thin branch, but he was too heavy, so he fell.

The fox ate him in one bite.


The Point: It's better to be prudent, because showing off can be dangerous.




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