by Frédérique

Once upon a time in an old house there was a family called the Smiths. There were two adults and two children - a boy and a girl.

Every night in this village there were murders. One morning a farmer woke up and saw that his sheep and cows were dead. The Smiths' son was dead, too, in his sister's room. She always drew cats, and the farmer thought she was damned.

Then the girl went with her block of paper and her pencil. In the evening she took refuge in a cavern because all the inhabitants wanted to kill her.

The inhabitants found her and she ran away to a deserted village, in a house. She began to draw cats on the walls.

In the evening she went to bed. She heard a noise and she went back to sleep.

In the morning all the inhabitants came to fetch her. They had discovered that rats had committed the murders. She looked at the wall and saw blood on the mouths of the cats that were drawn on the wall. The cats had killed all the rats.

the end


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