Garth Brooks
He was the oldest of three children. His father died when he was 12 years old. He loved his father, his father death was a real shock. Therefore he did not live a true childhood. His mother stayed alone to take care of Garth and his brother and his sister. Living was not easy. He got no money to buy some toys or a soccer ball. Therefore, he decided to do something to earn some money. His mother told him that he has a nice voice.

Garth liked music and song. He wrote a small song in memory of his father. He decided to sing it on the place of the town, with the old guitar of his father. He was successful. Many people were hearing him and he got some money. This was not enough to make a comfortable living.

So he wrote some more songs and was really successful. Many people stopped to hear him. Once an impresario heared him by chance and discovered his talent. He proposed him to produce a CD!

This was the start of Garth Brooks success.



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