The village with horses

by Mathilde

Once upon a time there was a village on a hill called Happinesstown. There were a lot of wild horses there. They were well and had no desire to escape.

One day people noticed that a family of white horses was not there. Everybody was upset because they were afraid that another family of horses would go away. And they were right. The day after another family went away.

The people of the village started to be depressed. But one person decided to try to find out why the horses had left the village. One day, this man discovered a heap of carcasses and saw some of the village's horses. Little by little he found a lot of indications, which helped him.

Finally, he discovered a cave where there were a lot of wolves. He went to look for the people of the village, who helped him to kill the wolves. Then, families of horses began to come back, because there was now no more danger. The village was happy. When all the horses came back, they organized a banquet to celebrate this and they gave a lot of wheat to the horses. And everybody was happy.

the end


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