When we look in the mirror

A big nose, a fat body, 2 eyes which don't work really good; that's what Joe, a 52 year old man, always sees when he wakes up and looks at himself in the mirror.

But, a patient and generous man, that's what Maria saw when she married him 23 years ago. Both live in the same big house, in a big forest. All belongs to them. They built it 3 years ago.

-Wake up!, says Maria to Joe on this June 22. It's time for you to go to work. If you want to continue to be the best lawyer of the city, you must work hard.

-It's already ten o'clock, asks Joe. I don't feel well; I think I'm not going to work today.

-Ok, says Maria, but you should.

-I'm always blowing my nose and it seems so big. My ears are blocked, so I can't hear anything.

So, Joe didn't go work this day. Next day, he went to see the doctor but it was strange. The doctor didn't find any abnormal things. So, Joe went to work.

After his tough day of work, Joe was so tired and he slept really fast. But, it was the full moon. Joe woke up at midnight. He screamed strangely and Maria woke up too when she heard his screams. Those were long, loud and really scary. He stopped screaming 10 minutes after.

In the morning, when Joe woke up, Maria told him about the screams he had made that night. But Joe remembered nothing about that.

At 8 a.m., when he entered his shower, he noticed he had hair all over his legs and his back. He was so afraid but he decided not to tell his wife about it. He shaved all the hair and tried to forget it. After, at work, he passed near of one of his friend who worked with him. Joe suddenly smelled a big odor of alcohol. He told his friend:

-Hey Mike, you shouldn't drink as much alcohol as that, it's not good for your health.

-Drink alcohol?!? I only put one drop of rhum in my coffee today, and I drank other things after.

-Yes, said Joe, you drank 2 glasses of coca-cola, 1 of orange juice and you just had a glass of fanta.

-What!?!, said Mike, how do you know that?

-I just know, answered Joe, I always smell that up to yesterday. I don't know what happened.. This morning, I was taking my shower when I saw a big spot of hair on my back and in my hair. I've seen the doctor but he don't tell me any bad things. I feel strange: I hear better, I see better during the night and, when I smell a dead animal, maybe at 4 miles, I run, run, run and run so fast and I eat the animal. I cannot control that. It's stronger than me.

During all the rest of day, he smelled things he had never smelled before; like trash, old meat and other things. He was sick of that so he decided to go home and sleep early.

So, he did that and told Maria about the hair he had found in morning. She told him to go to see the doctor again. He said he would go tomorrow. But, it was too late because, when he looked at himself the next day in the mirror, there was not a big nose, a fat body, 2 eyes which don't work really good; but there was a wolf!




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