A Beautiful Meeting

by Saskia

An old stray dog walking in the street met a beautiful white poodle with a wonderful gold necklace. The old dog said, "How lucky you are. You have everything you wish. You always have someone with you, to caress you, to wash and to brush you."

The poodle answered, "You are lucky to be free. I am a prisoner. You can go where you desire. You are not obliged to do what people say. How marvelous to sleep in the starlight. If you want, we can exchange our lives."

"What a marvelous idea. From tomorrow for one day we will change places."

The next morning the dogs met again at the same hour, at the same place. The old dog slept in the nice red bed, and the poodle left. They told each other they would meet in front of the church.

That evening the two dogs were at the meeting point.

"Dear friend", said the poodle, "this day was wonderful, but I prefer my prison."

The old dog answered, "Yes, me too. I prefer my fleas to your nice cushion."

Conclusion: One should be happy with what he has.


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