(From time to time this page will be updated with exciting news developments, so come back occasionally.)

Le 30 septembre 2006: The Centenaire was amazing. Anciens from all over the world came to applaud the diplomés, enjoy the Gala, and reminisce. (Some came to annoy their former teachers. Twenty-five years can pass, but the child remains.)

Le 14 mai 2004: Le Grand Jeu was a great success. (Last weekend. The 7th and 8th. If you want to see some photos, go here.) The weather was perfect (rain and hail), the campsite was perfect, and all the participants seem to have stored up happy memories they'll keep their whole lives.

The BI exams are in full swing. No one looks too depressed.

On 9 March the 8th graders sold those oranges for Terre des Hommes again. Something wonderful happens to 8th graders when they leave the school environment. They become almost... human.

Le 6 septembre 2003: School has been in session for a little over a week, and even M. Catsicas seems happy. Cause for worry?

The BI results were excellent (of course). Cause for worry? Yes, if the kids become complacent. They must never forget: Points are not the goal. Knowledge is.

Le 27 septembre 2002: School has been in session for 27 days now, and it's been wonderful so far. Happy kids - learning learning learning. Happy teachers. And tomorrow... Happy Anciens!

Le whole month de septembre 2002: M. Catsicas has been nervous. (So what's new?)

Le 30 août 2002: Mme Redding has announced her upcoming resignation for personal reasons.

Les 3-4 mai 2002: Le Grand Jeu. Water water everywhere... And sleet. And cold. How admirable all those students were, who braved the horrors of the night!

Le 15 avril 2002: M. Ellenberger est décédé. Les funérailles ont eu lieu le vendredi 19 avril.

Le 19 octobre: Yup. That's right. It's... Nathan Allen, in British Columbia, Canada. And the big news is, he's expecting in February!.

His father is teaching in a big secondary school (gymnase), and his mother is subbing (fait des remplacements) part-time at a French-medium elementary school. Everybody is well and happy and missing ENSR and Switzerland (of course). If you want to email the family, click here. I'm sure they'd be happy to hear from you.

Le 27 septembre: Les résultats des examens de la Matu sont arrivés. 100% de réussite. Nous sommes, franchement (et je le dis en toute humilité), les meilleurs!

Le 27 août: Les vacances d'été sont enfin terminées, et nous pouvons de nouveau nous adonner à notre passe-temps favori: apprendre. / There are several new computers in the bibliothèque et - ce qui est très réjouissant - lots of new (English) books!

Le 7 juillet: Nathan has taken his parents off on a great adventure. Goodbye, Martina and Mike. Be happy. Think of us from time to time.

Le 6 juillet: Les résultats des examens du BI sont arrivés. All the BI2 students have passed this year - with excellent results. The teachers are so proud of them. Thank you all for a wonderful year!

Le 29 juin: Fête des promotions - suivie de la Fête de l'Ecole - dans la cour de l'ENSR. De nouveau sous tente. The weather was perfect. (This is becoming a tradition, this weather.)  On a fait la connaissance des origines de la directrice, thanks to a "brief" discours.

The new site of ENSR (lots of bells and whistles) was unveiled.

Le 8 avril 2001: Happy the people without a History. Winter was relatively uneventful, Spring is wet, and Les Anciens now have their new site, which can be seen at this place.

On the 23rd of March, the 8th graders sold those oranges. (It was a great success, of course. They can be so charming with total strangers.) On Friday last (April 6) Sara and Ekaterina almost caused M. Catsicas to have a heart attack. Mmmm. Let's see. The teachers are making too many photocopies and someone is getting quite annoyed. The Théâtrale was a big success. And did I mention the new Anciens site, which can be seen here?

Le 7 juillet: Les résultats des examens du BI sont arrivés. Fifteen BI2 students have passed this year. All their teachers are feeling exceptionally proud of them right now. We're going to miss you!

Le 30 juin: Fête des promotions - suivie de la Fête de l'Ecole - dans la cour de l'ENSR. Sous tente. The weather was perfect.  On a fait la connaissance de la nouvelle directrice.

Le 29 juin: La conférence de promotion du BI1 dure moins d'une heure.  Un record. (Heureux, celui-ci.)

Le 8 juin: We have just received news that Cris van B., world-famous (Mexico, Switzerland, and now the US) guitarist, has been accepted to attend the Berklee College of Music! We're very happy for him, and we're proud that we were able to be a stop - however brief - on his itinerary to artistic greatness.

Le 19 mai: Les examens du BI sont terminés.   Now some people can play basketball for hours on end without the nagging feeling that they should be doing other things.

Le 17 mai: Le nouveau directeur a été nommé. Il s'agit d'une directrice.   She will take up her duties on August 15.

Le 12-13 mai: Le Grand Jeu. Près de St Livre.   Malgré Météo Suisse, the weather was dry, cool, and sunny. Everyone had fun, the organisation was impeccable, and the whole experience was a great success.   Lots of Anciens came, including Grégoire J. whom some of us - to our shame and embarrassment - did not recognize. (Loïc's team won.)

Le 2 mai: Les examens du BI commencent.   Tejen states that he enjoyed the English exam. What's not to enjoy?

Le 27 avril: Nathan makes his appearance on the ENSR scene.   Gestation lasted 10 months, apparently.   He's a big one - over 8 pounds!   Here he is, 30 minutes old.

Le 28 mars: Thomas handed in all his CAS forms, which is noteworthy enough to be mentioned on the World Wide Web.

Le 24 mars: Keeping with what is a long-standing tradition, the 8th Graders spent the afternoon in the center of town selling oranges for Terre des Hommes. Sergei and Gabriel sold one orange apiece. Youpie-doo.

Le 5 février: The 8th graders continue to be enchanted by Harry Potter and his adventures. With only one week to go before les vacances blanches, some of the BI teachers are becoming nervous about les échéances - internal evaluations, CAS reports and so on. The IB students, however, remain calm.

Le 14 décembre: M. Catsicas a été nommé "Papa de l'ENSR" - sans conclave. Les gymnasiens sont en plein examen. Tout le monde est heureux. More snow.

Le 24 novembre: The 8th Graders of Group-A English were perfect angels for forty-five minutes. Their teacher was moved to tears.

Le 17 novembre: Snow.

Le 10 octobre: Les vacances d'octobre commencent. The students are off from school for two weeks so that they can pick grapes. Poor kids.

Le 30 septembre: Nous avons célébré nos élèves qui ont réussi leurs BI et Matu. Un immense bravo à tous. Vous allez nous manquer.

Le 20 septembre: Jeûne fédéral (Swiss Thanksgiving). No school. General boredom.

Le 16 septembre: Unnamed IB1 student writes: "Anglo-Saxon Poetry = asexual verse"
A fine time was had by all.

Le 30 août: L'Ecole recommence. A fine time will be had by all.

Le 27 août: Malcolm was nowhere to be seen.

Le 24 août: M. Maréchal prend sa retraite.

Le 11 août: Miss Smith vient à Lausanne pour voir l'éclipse.

Le 27 juin: Malcolm says "hi".

Le 26 juin: La conférence de promotion du BI1 dure 2 heures. Un record.

Le 26 juin: Fête des promotions au Palais de Beaulieu. A fine time was had by all.

Le 26 juin: M. Zbinden et M. Monthoux prennent leur retraite.

Le 26 juin: Le nouveau Yearbook sort.  

Le 10 décembre 1998: DUDH